19·95 Food & Events

After 20 years of great success and experience in La Casa dei Sapori’s event banqueting, there are 19 · 95 Food & Events, the new tailor-made unit created to meet the new business needs and offer expertise, efficiency, creativity and responsiveness .


… of Edilio Scola for the art of cooking arts and design, the idea was to dedicate a sector of La Casa dei Sapori, after more than twenty years of successes in the world of events, to the Business & Corporate sector with a complete new image, essential and concrete that resumes, in corporate naming, the year of birth of the lucky adventure in banqueting and catering.

“We will surprise you with top menu, food design and custom settings design for your event reflecting the strength of your corporate image.”

A 360° event

A single reality that can support you throughout the event building with a dedicated, effective and punctual staff. The Corporate world is now tighter and it is important to use its resources for core business, avoiding the stresses that event organization requires. Let it be 1995 Food & Events to think of everything, you just have to worry about picking up the compliments of your guests!


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